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::: Privacy & conditions :::

We ask our respected customers not to be disturbed by the following terms and conditions. Although, during the past long years we worked togother, we did not face any non-lawful actions in their sites, but still there are specific legal procedures that bind us with our customers. Therefore, the conditions of service outlined hereafter are for general terms. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Websites and applications designed or programmed by Jormedia.com can’t be used for the following purposes:

1- Publishing pornographic or immoral materials, whether read, audio or video, or linking websites to external sites that contain such materials.
2- Publishing materials that incite crime or religious or sectarian hatred, or linking websites to external sites that contain such prohibited materials.
3- Using websites hosted on Jormedia.com servers in an attempt to sabotage other websites or distributing sabotage files or viruses.
4- Using regular hosting plans or hosting distribution plans to distribute free spaces to Internet users.
5- Use the hosting space to save backups of websites.

6- Publishing copyrighted materials after being hacked, without obtaining official permission from the party that holds the rights to produce these materials, such as songs, movies, or programs.
7- The owner of the site designed by Jormedia is obligated to keep the stamp of Site Design & Dev by: www.jormedia.com, which is placed in the heel of his website pages. And in the event that he wishes to remove this stamp, he can do so, provided that he notifies Jormedia.com in advance. And in the event that the owner of the site does not comply with this condition, and in the event that he removes that stamp. Jormedia.com management will permanently stop its services provided to the concerned client. Thus, the design of the site in question will be offered to the public desposal with all its contents, free of charge…

1- If a site hosted or designed by the Jormedia.com publishes and distributes materials that violate public morals as stated above, Jormedia.com will use it’s right to cancel the site's subscription directly without prior notice.
2- If a site hosted by Jormedia.com attempts to sabotage or publish harmful files or viruses, Jormedia.com has the right to cancel its subscription without prior notice.
3- If a site hosted by Jormedia.com publishes copyrighted pirated materials, jormedia.com has the right to request the site management for a copy of the publishing permit issued by the original copyright owners, and in the event that the site management is unable to provide the publishing permit, the whole material will be deleted.

1- Upon agreement to design a website for a client with jormedia.com, 50% of the full cost must be paid by the customer before starting the design. As for the remaining amount, it will be due for payment once the site files are uploaded to the final servers. This uploaded site will be covered and worthy of free technical support for one month. This support service can be extended to become annual for a sum of money as outlined on this page.

2- The designed or hosted site owner must pay the costs of the services they receive from jormedia.com in a timely manner, and in the event that the payments of those costs are not respected, jormedia.com has the right to temporarily suspend the concerned site for a week, and in the event that the late amounts are not paid during that week, then jormedia.com has the right to cancels and deletes those sites, in this case jormedia.com will not be responsible for keeping or returning the files of the cancelled sites to their owners.

jormedia.com is committed to providing the appropriate environment to run websites on its servers, and it is responsible for fixing any malfunction that affects its servers anytime. Its technical support does not cover the software installed by the owner of the website himself.

The website owner is responsible for keeping a copy(s) of the files on his site, and jormedia.com is not responsible for any files, information or data that may be lost. jormedia.com provides a daily, weekly and monthly backup service (depending on the type of service) where it is implemented in the best way, but problems may occur beyond control, so we do not bear any responsibility for this losses. Please make sure that you have a backup copy outside the site and use the backup capabilities in cPanel from time to time.



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